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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Baltimore to Fort Hood

just read this on the Fort Hood shootings....and i quote.."So Army Maj. Nidal M. Hasan is a 'devout' Muslim, we are told, who prayed several days a week at a Mosque in Silver Spring, Maryland. He’s also a native born American of Palestinian parents. My Muslim friends tell me Islam is a peaceful religion, with dozens of references in the Koran rejecting violence. We don’t know if his religious beliefs played any part in his alleged murderous rampage, but the case of Maj. Hasan, who technically at this stage is only a 'suspect,' is not helping the image of peaceful Islam. While we withhold judgment awaiting more facts, it’s safe to say this terrorist act will only deepen the mistrust many Americans have for those who follow the Islamic faith. And that is a sad truth."

This made me sit up a bit....thats a place I have been to...and I have some friends who went to the very same mosque. I lived in this area for a few months and did meet a few very very religious people. Fanaticism has been growing in america nourished by a state that forgot its role of building communities and caring for all its citizens. The public area of being a benovelent daddy, vacated by the state, has been occupied by religious focus groups....

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