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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

12 reasons to vote for Modi

12 reasons to vote for Modi -

1. Has 46 inch* chest
2. Has voice like Mahabharat voiceover
3. Looks really good posing with a sword
4. Believes in instant street justice, no use overburdening the judiciary.
5.Protects young girls by providing police surveillance
6.Airlifted 50000 gujarati pilgrims from Kedarnath overnight
7. Has a neat beard in tradition of holy men
8.Does not waste time in open debates or anwering unscripted questions
9. Takes land from unproductive farmers and gives it to productive successful industrialists
10. Has catchy jingle-like slogans so you dont have to bother with finding out actual policies
11. Doesnt support any disruptive issues like janlokpal, police reforms, electoral funding transparency or RTI in political parties
12. Feels remorse when a car runs over a puppy.

(*exact dimensions may vary)

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