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Monday, December 26, 2005

politics in the eyes of a geek

read this rather nice story on cringelyslatest --
"Which sadly reminds me of a political fundraising breakfast years ago at the Yale Club in New York City. Bill Bradley was trying to run for President and raising money as fast as he could with events like this. Comedian Bill Cosby was there in the audience. "Bill, you are a comic, tell us a joke," asked Bradley.

"Senator, you are a politician, first tell us a lie," said Cos."

nice one..isnt it...

cringely for the unitiated is a old nerd or geek. He has been hanging around the computing world with fascinated eyes and has seen the industry grow up. His book, the nerds, is a great story about how the computing industry grew up... these days he writes a weekly column on PBS and also has started something called Nerd TV which is basically a series of downloadable video interviews with the gurus of geekdom.


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nice story :) and welcome to blogging, though i see that it's not really ur first post.

keep blogging, Cheers!


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