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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Iran, the WTO and other topics of discussion.


What is your reaction to India's joining with the US/Euro side at Hong kong?
Also on the vote on Iran.


1. Oil is going to run out.
2. Energy is critical to development.
3. After oil runs out, what use is Iran to us?
4. Even if oil doesnt run out....its a big motherf*** drain on the economy.
4. After oil runs out, the US will surely think of something.
5. We need to piggyback onto that effort.
6. We have lots of plutonium or uranium or something like that reserves.
7. If they help us harness this resource effectively...this combined with our big dams and wind and solar energy and bio diesel can help us get by without oil.
8. Do we need cutting edge technology more or do we need oil more.
9. Ok we need cutting edge technology to enable us to make us energy self sufficient.
10.Please open up everything to us O America the center of scientific that Russian technology has been shown to be clunkier and looking increasingly vulnerable.
11. All our best minds are writing inventory management programs for lingerie stores in America.
12. There is no research worth its name in our so called institutes of technology....the best guys come out of there and head straight to MIT etc.
13. If we got access freely to all the research n stuff and became parthers of america . that would be our best bet for the future.
14. Why dont we homegrow our research...... yeah right.... and india is a glorious and vibrant nation and we can develop everything from scratch. When we do get something a rocket for instance...its such a miracle...we make that man the president.
15. Ok ..tell us what u want from us to give us the technology and a promise that you will take us along with you into the oil-less future.

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