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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

been a long time since i up and wrote

its been quite a busy week..and mostly its been good. I find that sitting on the bottom of the swimming pool for a minute every day is very good for my thought patterns. After a few weeks of this underwater yoga, i am now seeing the world much more clearly. All the little mysteries of life and intrigues that surround us are laid bare and I confidently leap to answer any question that floats up in the air around me.

This leaping-to-answer-questions approach sometimes backfires. Like in a pub when a drunk guy asks aloud, "why is my wife such a bitch". Still I do get a sense of satisfaction on answering these questions and quickly moving on.

Some questions I could satisfactorily answer this week were -

Q : Who is going to win the world cup?
A : France. This because I never find anyone supporting the Les Bleus so it makes sense that they would win, since they seem to not need any support. Every other team has people wearing their shirts, praying and painting wierd stuff all over.

Q : Why did the stockmarket have to crash just now?
A : Because its the middle of the summer, most people go to the beach or mountains with their kids leaving subordinates in charge. These inexperienced people panick and are easily stampeded.

Q : We used to have surplus wheat rotting in warehouses, why is India having to import wheat now?
A : The wheat that was rotting finally rotted away, leaving the warehouses bare. The new crop was bought by the foreign companies, and now they are selling it back to us.

Q: Whats Bill Gates' foundation gonna do with all the money?

A : I refer you to this article - "Gates gives 500 hookers smart cards" . Its just the start, soon they will get blackberry's too, 500 today, tomorrow the world.

Q: When is the monsoon gonna come?
A: Look outside the window. Its raining.

Q: Why is petrol and diesel becoming so expensive?
A: To discourage people from driving so much. The environmentalist maniacs have persuaded governments to take this step.

Q: What will happen when we run out of petrol?
A: We will walk or teleconference.

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