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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

good safe clean water

We had driven out to Neemrana on sunday. My trusty but non airconditioned can-on-wheels did the two hour drive without complaints. It was great day for the trip, pleasant and cloudy, threatening to rain but dry. On the way back we stopped at a dhaba. Since both my companions were Americans and a bit suspicious of the water, we ordered a bottle of water. I however had a nice drink from a plastic mug. We had a little conversation about how fresh water might actually be better than bottled water, even if bottled water is cleaner. I mean how safe is plastic actually, specially when kept out in the Indian sun.

Today while reading this article I was reminded of that discussion. Makes a lot of sense actually. We sometimes forget that bottled water is to used in an emergency, not as a matter of course. Our value systems change gradually with the advertising and lifestyle changes.

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