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Monday, August 14, 2006

coke and pepsi banned?

The state government of Kerala in south India has banned the production and sale of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the state. The companies will be asked to close their operations entirely.

Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan stated today that the ban was being imposed because of the health hazards posed by Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

This must be the shot that will be heard around the world. First the US will protest and put lots of pressure on India to stop this...then there will be an outcry in the US media and senate..then the Indian government in the centre and the media there will launch a PR blitz to counter this. Then the Supreme court in India will declare the Kerala governments actions unconstitutional, then the CPI a coalition partner in the central government will make a big fuss and bring down the government...

earlier...someone once said... they dont have bread? why dont they eat cake ?...

now its.. they dont have drinking water? why dont they drink coke ?



cappuccinofetus said...

this is did not know, and it's sort of sad because i'm sure that there are a lot of hot days in india and there is nothing like a cold coke on a hot day, i wish to visit india some day

@ said...

hope you do come to india sometime... the supreme court of india wants coke/pepsi to now reveal their formula and then only will it decide on this matter. It is getting interesting.

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