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Friday, October 06, 2006

didnt you forget something?

i think someone forgot to plan for a way to reach this place. Wheres the road?
This is a particularly interesting characteristic of Bhutanese Architecture. They dont make anything easy to reach :)


Guru-tech said...

Good idea...people who come on roads in cars are lousy people!!

@ said...

tell that to the bhutanese...they charge 250 dollars a day as tourist visa charges anyway. If you pay that you might as well bring your own chopper.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a secret pathway through the mountains. A tunnel that cuts through the rock and leads straight into a secret door behind a bookcase in the library ;) Preety cool.


@ said...

hmm someones been feeding you agatha christie :)

Hemi said...

Brought back too many memories. Share some more pictures if you can.

We have lived there 4 years of my childhood and still cannot forget those beautiful rainwashed mountains and snow covered peaks.

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