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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

die tv

TV is unique in the EEG activity it summons in the human brain, and unique as well in that it drastically reduces the metabolic rate of the human organism. When you sleep, you use more energy than when you watch TV. When you stare at a painting or read a book or knit or fart in bed, you use more energy. EEG activity during television-watching is marked by alpha waves, those dreamy, spacey waves that also exist between sleeping and waking--a passive state in which sustained intense critical thought is pretty much impossible. Alpha waves are also associated with coma.

the above was from a nice article i read. Read it here.

-- Disclaimer - I never owned a TV except for once in 2004 when i bought one as a package deal from a guy leaving town. After a few months, I realised my mistake and promptly gave it away to a pal who got married.

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