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Monday, February 06, 2006

wi fi ...wireless network

been trying to install a netgear wireless router at home. there is a neat cute white netgear box sitting there..with a huge festering clump of cables behind it. The amount of wires needed to make a house wireless is truly astounding. The installation CD is in german, the product is made in china and says "designed in california", and the internet provider is a wierd local ISP who are somehow never around when we need them the most. The electricity is playing havoc with all schedules and this supposedly upmarket tony neighbourhood where I live has powercuts randomly ranging upto 3 - 4 hours. Amidst this, continues our titanic struggle to install Wi Fi. To add to this confusion, theres a prancing puppy in the room, as i try to figure out which wire goes where.

Anyone who can help is requested to comment.

a day later after I wrote the above...i arose from my bed refreshed, I smelt the coffee...i tickled the dog..i read the newpaper...i fired up the internet and read all about the wifi routers...and i sat down with a cigarette...and with some inspired guesswork ...i picked my way slowly and steadily through the clump of wires and protocols..and less than half an hour later...everything was humming along nicely and the wifi router was standing tall and proud and emanating its mating signal in all directions.

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