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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Govt announces 27% reservations for other backwards castes in India in educations of higher learning based on the Mandal Commisions report ... YAWWWN

When I read about the Reservation issue, one fact strikes me. That it is a old report...somewhere in the 70's.

Why is this being treated like the Gita and Koran rolled into one? With so much money and brainpower at his disposal, why cannot a new commission be appointed which looks into this issue and comes up with a real Mandal II report.

It may not necessarily be an attempt to denigrate the earlier work done by Mr. Mandal, but simply an acknowledgement that much water has flown under the bridge since then, and a fresh stocktaking might be useful.

Suppose a renowned experts were called from all over India ( and the world maybe ) and given a good salary, a team of legworkers, assistants etc, and a years time to examine the issue in depth and come up with a report. Would that necessarily be viewed as a bad thing? Can we not find 20 wise men who still have credibility? Lets take a fresh look.

I wonder why this never happens? Maybe the Mandal report was a definitive report and took decades to accomplish...still this new commission can add on to notes added to an old book which comes out in a new edition...

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