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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

kickass chases cop

this is one beautiful story..ranks right up there with the story of how dalbir took 2500 rupees off a traffic cop in delhi...(story will be posted soon )

read it on the guys blog here ...

an excerpt below -

I stopped next to the officer, and for the first time I realised he was an Assistant Commissioner of Police!! I told him that I noted down his vehicle number, and he’s soon going to have a nice time. He was totally flummoxed, and he said he has my number too. You should have seen the look on his face when I volunteered to give him my name and contact address. First a small shock, then slightly bigger, and now a virtual slap in the face!! He grabbed the radio, and started barking some instructions into it, maybe to psyche me out, make me believe that I’d get picked up at the next junction or something. I said I don’t care, and asked him to show me his name badge. He was trying his best to hide it from me, and boy oh boy, was he doing a lousy job! The signal time was counting down too slowly for his liking, and he was badly cornered. He finally showed me his name badge, and by now people were looking at us, and wondering how and why they were witnessing this role reversal of a popular TV series called “World’s Wildest Police Videos”!! The signal finally went green, and he got away. I turned left and continued to my actual destination.

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