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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

got here goes

had an attack of the killer tomatoes....and they tagged me ..

so here goes....

There was a young businesswoman in a bar in brazeel,
I got close but she said it cost five dollars just for a feel,
To get more you have to pay more,
she winked at me as she closed the door,
These are hard times and this is my only marketable skeel!!!

suggestions for further stanza's are welcomed. If you get tagged..well you know what to do...write one...and tag someone else


Guru-tech said...

Well I tag you back. We can very well go backwards....

Erimentha said...

Not fair! You can't tag me when I tagged you...

erimentha said...

But here they are, anyway!

musical said...


By now you must have understood my proficiency with limericks :).

Here's mine:

I got tagged to get a bit LEARical
The thought makes me hysterical
But ask me to play a song
and i bet you won't go wrong
For, bro' my name is Musical


meleah rebeccah said...

Thanks for the TAG

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