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Thursday, March 29, 2007

a quarter empty

A quarter of the year is almost over. 3 more quarters left to finish off 007. Its been a busy time, and now the summer is threatening to wipe out all memories of the season past. The north Indian heat will be on us soon. Power outages will be extremely common. Ice will be the most used commodity from the refigerator and the streets will have a deserted look in the day. Dust storms will swirl up and people will get thinner and wearier. We will be praying for the rain and clouds and cursing global warming.

The year started off on a quiet note. The worst seemed over but noone was expecting a very quick upturn in the state of things. The world seemed a mess, with China becoming a capitalist sweatshop capital ( funny how the communists ended up exploiting the workers ), Russia getting scarily organised and authoritarian, America muddling along with George Bush and not really caring anymore, Europe not really looking outwards, Africa suffering from catastrophe overdose, the Muslim world trapped in a hobsons choice or either dictators or religious leaders and Australia having its taps run dry. Still everyone felt that it couldnt possibly get worse and maybe computers, education, internet and globalization would start moving people into more sensible endeavors.


Shalini said...

Breezed through this page! Liked most of it...

Shalini said...

AND you are an architect who writes about anything and everything undr the sun! :)

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