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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

and its flintoff

The england selectors appointed Andrew ( Freddie ) Flintoff as the captain of the England and Wales cricket team to tour Australia. This sets the stage for what promises to be a riproaring battle as a young challenger aims to rip apart an old existing power. The first round in the battle went to England as they won the series when Australia visited them. This time, if Australia lose on home soil, they will truly have relinquished the title of the best test team in world cricket.

The appointment of Freddie, shows attacking intent. Most opponents lose to Australia before they step out into the field by being defensive and overawed in their minds and tactics. England under Freddie will go in with all guns blazing and not really be thinking tactics so much. The onus is now on Australia to withstand the assault and counterattack when they can.

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